Asian iNstitute for Environmental Research and enerGY (A.NERGY)

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  • Motivation
    • In Asia, we have 48 countries and each country is in different stage especially environment-related issue. The area of environment concerned is also an issue for discussion as well as the level of environmental technology available locally. Besides currently being progressed climate change renders even more potential and difficulty in local environment management.
    • While in different environmental situations, we have been having a wide range of environmental tasks to carry on with valuable relevant experience. Some of them, based on mutual understanding on the Asian regional circumstance, could be remarkably beneficial when we put them into sharing communication.
    • After a long discussion with other environmental group, the network has been decided to setup and will be utilized to share those benefits while exchanging problems with available solutions & experience.


  • Major tasks
    • Environment information exchange by seminar, symposium
    • Engineering education thru distance learning program, short-term courses
    • International environmental research / business collaboration
    • Environment industry promotion
    • Disaster risk reduction
    • Asian Institute for Environment Research and enerGY for network support


  • Member criteria of A.NERGY
    • Full member
      • All Asian countries
      • One academic + one non-academic member from each member country.
      • Description of Academic member: Academic member will be from education fertinity. He must be holding position of Vice president, Dean or department head of Environment Engineering department of the best university of the specific country.
      • Description of Non Academic member: Non academic member could be a Government official , Renown Environment consultant , Environment Activist , Head of NGO , elected minister or some body responsible for protecting environment in industry. In his respective country. This person must have  enough influence in his country to support / facilitate / arrange financial assistance & permission for ongoing projects of  A.NERGY.   
    • Associate member
      • Additional members from any member country with existing full members
      • Candidate members being reviewed and considered as full members
      • Guests recommended by full members for symposium or other purpose temporarily
    • Advisory board member
      • Will consist of people who may be permanent member of A.NERGY or some specialist of some specific field will be invited to join the advisory council for some specific task.
      • Following would be member of advisory council .
        • Individual member can be from Outside of Asia also
        • International organizations or their representative can be member of council
        • Governmental  / semi-governmental bodies , NGOs  & bodies
        • Representative of other institutes / Networks & Foundations working for same goal & objective .
    • Student member
      • will be designated as Supporter of A.NERGY
      • Individual Graduate / undergraduate students of Environment / Renewable energy or Alternate A.NERGY who support the aims & objectives of A.NERGY & willing to contribute physically with the activities of A.NERGY will be appointed as supporter of A.NERGY.
      • Registered students to 'Tardigrade campaign' at